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Upcoming Events

February 2024


Eden Theological Seminary

Rabbi Elan Babchuck speaks about Spiritual Entrepreneurship: Faith Forward Social Innovation 

February 2024


Neighborhood Economics Conference

Join Rabbi Elan Babchuck and other headlining speakers at the Neighborhood Economics Conference in San Antonio, TX, on Feb 26-28, 2024, a convening centered on creating new economies, economic justice, and empowering every community member.

April 2024


Festival of Faith & Writing

Join Rabbi Elan Babchuck at the Festival of Faith & Writing this year! The Festival of Faith & Writing is a biennial celebration that draws more than 2,000 people from across the world to the campus of Calvin University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Past Events

The Distillery With
Shari Oosting

Women RISE: Fueling Social Change Through Spirituality

Judaism Unbound

Faith & Finance: Re-defining God’s Work in the World

On Mic With Jordan Rich

Church Is Changing:
Field Preachers

Soularize 2022 Summit

OpenDiv: Reimagining the Role of Religion in a Changing World

A Life Well-Measured

Spiritual Changemakers Initiative ALIVE

Parliament of World Religions

OpenDiv: New Business Models for Spiritual Community

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